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Fixtures, Results, Ladders and Player Statistics of matches are displayed on Play Rugby League - Competitions.

How do I find my Team, Club, Association or Competition?

Use the Search bar at to find your Team, Club, Association, or Competition, or navigate the section below the Search bar by finding the State, then selecting the Region and your chosen Association.



Who enters the Fixtures, Results, Ladders, and Player Statistics?

Fixtures are uploaded and managed by the local Club or Association.  If you are unable to see your fixtures it could mean that the Association has not released them for a specific reason. (Refer this to your Club).

Results may be entered by Team Managers or Club/Association Admin during or after a match, and these results determine the Ladder positions.

Player Statistics such as Tries, Goals, and Field Goals are generally entered in MySideline Manager during a Match by the Team Manager, but may be entered by Club/Association Admin after a game.


The Results, Ladders, or Player Statistics are NOT displayed online.  Where can I find this info?

If there are no Results/Ladders/Player Statistics displayed online:

  • Is the Team in a non-competitive age group? If so, only the match will be recorded and Results, Ladders and Player Stats will NOT be available.
  • If the Team is in a competitive age group, and the Results, Ladders or Player Stats are not up to date, it could be that your Administrators have not had the opportunity to update and publish them yet.  Be patient, many of our Administrators are Volunteers and this information takes time.  

Help!  I have questions other about the Fixtures, Results, Ladders or Player Stats.

Your initial contact should always be the Team Manager.  They may know the answer or can raise the matter with your Club who can escalate it further if required.


The data is inaccurate!  How can I get it corrected?

Your initial contact should always be the Team Manager. They can raise the issue with your Club, and if required, your Club can contact the Association or Competition Coordinator who will take the appropriate action.

Note:  As much as the NRL Support Team would love to help your Team, we are not in a position to make any changes to competition information.


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