What is the difference between a Clearance and a Permit? /

A clearance is required when a player and/or match official is moving from one Club/Association to another regardless of whether it is a new season or during a season

A permit is required when a player and/or match official is registered in one club/Association (primary club) and is being permitted to play/referee in another club/Association on a temporary basis

Below scenarios where a permit may be applicable;

  • An agreement exists between two clubs/Association and has been approved by the League/Governing Body
  • A club/teams are participating in a combined competition that crosses regular Rugby League boundaries with the approval from the State or Governing Body
  • Two clubs within the same Association with insufficient players combine to form one team in a competition

If you are in any doubt about which process is required you should contact your Association Administrator or refer to the National Clearance and Permits Policy.

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