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To accept online payments through MySideline, you will first need to set up your bank account details. 

After logging into MySideline, select Bank Account Details from the left menu.


Complete all the fields by entering the correct details for the bank account.


Once your account details have been added, you will need to complete the verification process before funds can be distributed.

KYC Verification

To update or add bank details, the verification process requires the appropriate member who is a signatory on the account to:

  • Upload the requested ID documentation
  • Upload the requested 'Proof of Address' documentation
  • Upload a photo of themselves for photo verification.

This information will only be used for the verification of the members identity and does not have any effect on their credit history.

To start the process, click on verify in the Missing KYC area


Enter your information on the next screen and select to get a link where you will need to take a selfie and upload your documents.

If you are completing this process on a phone, please make sure you have your bank statement and licence in front of you as you will need to take a photo of these to upload.

If you are completing this process on a computer, please make sure you have your bank statement and licence saved on your computer so you can upload them.

Note: The transaction fee for payments through MySideline is calculated at 1.4% of the total transaction plus 40 cents. Deposits will be sent out daily, however it may take 2-3 business days for a transaction to settle and show in a bank account. A disbursement report can be run to reconcile payments deposited into bank accounts.

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