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In order for your members to register, administrators will first need to create products in MySideline.

Step 1 - Log into MySideline as an administrator.

Step 2 - Select 'Products' under the Administration menu


Step 3 - Enter the information required and save.

See below for a description of options available. More information about them is provided when you click on the mceclip1.png icon in MySideline.

  • Fees - this area is where you set up the registration fees. 
  • Saleable Items - additional items that can be purchased alongside a fee.
  • Date Range Discounts - allows a club to offer a lower price to members for any created fees
  • Discount Codes - individual discount codes can be generated and sent to participants to use during registration.
  • Family Discounts - allows a club to reduce the amount of the fee if a member is registering more than one person.

Handy Hint:  If for any reason member types are not avaible for participants to access, check:

  • a product set up
  • member type, gender are correct
  • age range is correct
  • status is open

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