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Product/Service: NRL Learning Centre
Permission Required: Account with linked Member Profile


Helpful Hints before starting your Course registration:


How to Enrol in a Course in the NRL Learning Centre:

Step 1- Visit and click LOGIN from the top right hand corner.

Step 2 - You will be prompted to login to your Account. (If you don't have an existing NRL Account you will be able to Sign Up for one during the registration process).

Step 3 - Once logged in, you will see the Profiles linked to your Account.  Select the Member Profile who will be completing the course.

Note: If the Member is not available, use the ADD A NEW PARTICIPANT button to add a new or link an existing Member.

Step 4 - Search for a Course using the QUICK SEARCH or the COURSE FINDER.  Check the Online Learning Centre FAQs for more details about how to find a Course.


QUICK SEARCH will take you through some simple questions to narrow down your course options based on your selections.

COURSE FINDER displays the full catalogue of available NRL Learning Centre courses with an optional Search bar and filters to help narrow down your search.  To refine your search, specific tags can be selected and the search results will filter to find those matching your criteria.

  • Search Bar - enter the Course name (or part name).
  • Locations - select your State/Territory for courses relevant to your area
  • Start date - show courses that are only available during a set date period
  • NRL Classifications - select the type of course you wish to complete (e.g. "Sports Trainer") to 

Step 5 - Select a Course

Select your preferred course from the list to display the course information. 

If the course is open for enrolment select the Enrol button, and proceed to Step 6.

If the course is NOT yet open, you will have the option to Pre-Book for the course.  Complete the Pre-booking form and you will be advised when a course matching your criteria will be available.

Step 6 - Enrol and Pay for your Course

To Enrol, complete the enrolment form then select Enrol at the bottom of the page.

If you have a VOUCHER CODE, this needs to be entered on the enrolment form (this can be found just above the Terms & Conditions agreement.

If payment is required, select the "Checkout with the PayPal" button and complete payment of the course.


  • You do not have to sign up to PayPal to pay for a course.  After selecting to Checkout, you can opt to pay by credit card without creating an account.
  • By signing up to PayPal you can link your Bank Account, Debit Card, Credit Card or all 3.  If you sign up for an account, you can then track any purchases made via PayPal.

Step 7 - Once successfully enrolled in your course, you will receive email confirmation.



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