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Product/Service: NRL Learning Centre
Permission Required: Account with linked Member Profile

Online modules are required to be completed for a number of different accreditations.  To complete your modules:


Step 1 - Log In to the NRL Learning Centre with your NRL Account and password.

Check out this article if you need assistance logging in: Accessing the NRL Learning Centre

Step 2 - Open your Course by selecting the 'My Courses' tab at the top of screen.  Your course will be displayed under the Current heading - select the course you wish to open.

Step 3 - Access Modules by selecting the Syllabus heading.  To begin a module click the arrow symbol within the component box:


Step 4 - Complete the Module - When the module displays click anywhere in the module box to open the module and start the session.

If the module is in progress, a yellow circle arrow will display. To continue where you left off, select the arrow in the component box.

Once the module has been completed, a green tick will display in the box. Your progress through the course can be viewed at the top of the screen.

Once the course progress reaches 100% you will have completed the course and will be awarded the relevant accreditation certificate.


A few handy hints:

  • To ensure your progress is saved, please make sure you click on 'Back to course room' on the top left or the 'Exit Course' button on the top right before you close the window.
  • All lessons need to be completed in order for your course module to be marked as finished. All modules must be completed in order for you to pass the course.
  • You will see a green tick next to each lesson/module once you have successfully completed them.
  • Please ensure you are watching each video until the very end - don't exit early - and click on every tab and link available.
  • We also recommend browsers - Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer does not support our online courses.

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