Changing clubs (Players and Match Officials only) /

All players and match officials, wanting to change clubs will require a clearance. 

Please Note: Your current club, association and new club will be required to approve your clearance.

Step 1 - Go to and search using your postcode, suburb or club name. 

Step 2 - Find the club/association you wish to register to and select register.

Step 3 - Login to your Account and select the participant you wish to register. If a clearance is required you will be prompted with a message and given the option to Request a Clearance.

Step 4 - Click Request Clearance and select your reason for the request and submit.

You will be updated by email on the progress of this request. Once your clearance has been approved you will receive an email notification, which will contain a registration form link. To complete the process the registration form MUST be completed in full.

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