How do I change Clubs? (Players and Match Officials only) /

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Rugby League Players and Match Officials wanting to change Clubs/Associations will require a clearance.  This process is relevant for the following Member Types:

  • Player Tackle
  • Player League Tag
  • Referee

Coach, Trainer and Volunteer do NOT require a clearance to change clubs.

NOTE: Your current Club, Association and new Club will be required to approve your clearance before you can register to your new Club.


To lodge a clearance request to change Clubs:

Step 1 - Go to and search using your postcode, suburb or Club name

Step 2 - Find the Club/Association you wish to register to and select Register.

Step 3 - Login to your Account, select the participant you wish to register, and the registration form will open.

Step 4 - Select the Member Type from the drop-down.


Step 5 - Click Request Clearance, then select your reason for the request and click Submit.


Step 6 - You will be updated by email on the progress of your clearance request. Once your clearance has been approved, you will receive an email notification with a registration form link. To complete the process, the registration form of the TO Club MUST be completed in full.


Clearance FAQs

Why do I need a clearance?

The clearance process is in place to ensure Members have fulfilled obligations to their previous Club/Association before registering to a new Club.

This may include checking matters such as a Member's outstanding registration fees, pending tribunal/judicial matters, or that the clearance is in line with relevant rules under the policies of the  governing bodies.

For more information, check out the National Clearance and Permits Policy.


How do I check the status of my clearance?

Once you've requested a clearance, you can check the status in your Profile's Clearance History tab.

The different options are:

  • Pending - your clearance still needs to be approved at one or more levels (e.g. Club, Association)
  • Awaiting Participant Registration - your clearance has been approved at all relevant levels and is waiting for you to register.
  • Approved - this clearance is complete.

Under the National Clearance Policy, a timeframe of ten (10) working days is allowed for a clearance to be either approved or denied within State League jurisdictions, however there are some circumstances under local and state rules where this may delayed.

If you have questions about a pending clearance:

  • Contact the Club you are transferring TO to see if there is anything they need from you to approve your clearance, or advise what level/s the Clearance is awaiting approval.
  • Contact the Club you are transferring FROM to find out if there is anything outstanding that you need to attend to before approval is made.
  • If your Clearance is awaiting approval at another level, speak with your Club to find out how to follow up with the relevant level in your area.
  • Unfortunately, the NRL Support Team cannot approve local clearances.  They must be managed by the local administrators.


What do I do if the "Request Clearance" option didn't display?

If the "Request Clearance" button doesn't display:

  • Check the selected Member Type - only Player Tackle, Player League Tag, and Referees need to apply for a clearance
  • Check the selected Member Profile - have you selected the correct Member to register?
      • If you have a Touch Football Profile and a Rugby League Profile, ensure you're registering with the correct one.
  • Contact the Club you want to transfer TO for more information about transferring to their Club


My clearance was "declined".  What now?

If your clearance has been declined, get in contact with your Club to find out more.

Some of the reasons for a declined clearance may include:

  • Fees in default or owing
  • Pending tribunal or judiciary matters
  • Contractual disputes
  • Association/State rules affecting player transfer limits




Do I need a clearance or a permit?

National Clearance and Permits Policy

The Member Type I need is not showing

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