Administrator Access to MySideline /

So you are a new administrator and will need access to MySideline to carry out your duties.  

Here is the way to get you started:

Step 1 - Visit and click Login with NRL Account

Step 2 - Login using your NRL Account or click Sign Up to create an account

Step 3 - Ask your club or association administrator to add you as an admin to your club

Once you have administrator access visit the NRL Learning Centre

Use the options in the side bar to select your role ie.  Club Administrator or Association Administrator and access all our online courses at your convenience.


Q. Why can't the Support Team add me to my club/association?

A. As a support team, we are not aware of changes to committees, so it is best for changes to access to be managed close to the source.

Q.  Do I need my own access or can the committee share a common access?

A.  Every Administrator accessing the MySideline database should have a unique email address and password.  Remember, that the data contained in MySideline is sensitive and confidential and should be treated as such.


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