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Product/Service: MySideline Admin
Permission Required: Account with User Access to your Club/Assoc.


So, you are a new Administrator and need access to MySideline Admin to carry out your duties.  Read on below to find out what MySideline is, how to gain access, and learn how to make the most of it!

What is the difference between MySideline Admin and MySideline Manager?

MySideline Admin is the game's Competition and Participant Membership System, which services over 1200 Clubs and 120 Associations responsible for the organisation of our Rugby League participants. MySideline Admin is recognised as the core system to manage Participants, Teams, Clubs, Leagues and Competitions.  Learn more about MySideline Admin here.


MySideline Manager provides a simple solution to manage game day and training operations. The key features include Live Scoring, Squad Management, Team Lists, Injury Reports, Match Day Cards, and, to assist you in being Covid-safe, a training attendance feature.  Check out the MySideline Manager FAQs here.


How do I gain access to MySideline Admin?

Step 1 - Visit and click Login with NRL Account.

Step 2 - Login using your NRL Account or click Sign Up to create an account.

  • You may already have an account if you used your email address to register yourself or someone else as a Player, Coach, Trainer or Volunteer.
  • Quick check if you have an account, or just need to reset your password - use the Forgot Password option!

Step 3 - Now you've created your account, let your Club or Association Administrator know the email address used to create the account and they can add you as an Admin to your Club/Association.

Step 4 - Visit the NRL Learning Centre once you have administrator access to learn how to manage your participants, create products, and overall make the most of MySideline Admin.

  • Use the options in the side bar of the NRL Learning Centre to select your role (i.e.  Club Administrator or Association Administrator) and access all our online courses at your convenience.


How do I ADD or REMOVE an Administrator?

  • You must already have access to the same (or higher) level of access to add another User.

Step 1 - While logged in to MySideline Admin click on User Management from the ADMINISTRATION section in the left-hand screen menu.

Step 2 - Enter the User's email address into the Email Address field and click SEARCH

  • This must be the email address used to create the account.

Step 3 - Select the record associated with that email address, and it will open to show any current permissions.

  • The name displayed alongside the supplied email address may be different to that of the intended Administrator (e.g. it may show their child's or partner's name).  This can happen when an account is created and the member being registered details are used (e.g. a child as a Player), rather than those of the email's owner.
  • There is only one login account per email, so if unsure, simply confirm the email address and the name displaying with the Admin that provided the email.

Step 4 - To ADD a level of User access, click on the green + ADD PERMISSION button.

Step 5 - Select the Role you wish the User to have permission to (e.g. Club Admin, Association Admin).

Step 6 - Select the relevant Team/Club/Association/or other permission type, and click ADD PERMISSION.

Step 7 - To REMOVE User access, simply click the red - REMOVE button from beside the access you wish to remove.


How do I know who has access to my Club?

Step 1 - Click on Reports from the ADMINISTRATION menu.

Step 2 - Select Admin Users Report from the Competition Management Reports section.

Step 3 - Choose the User Level you wish to report on from the drop down menu.

Step 4 - Click SUBMIT.  You will be emailed a report showing all of the Users who have access to that permission level.


Why can't the Support Team add me as a User to my Club/Association?

As a support team, we are not aware of changes to committees, so it is best for changes to access to be managed close to the source.


Do I need my own access or can the committee share a common access?

Every Administrator accessing the MySideline database should have a unique email address and password.  Remember, that the data contained in MySideline is sensitive and confidential and should be treated as such.


What kind of emails will I receive as an Administrator?

To help you keep on top of your role as an Administrator, you will receive email notifications for things like:

  • Daily Club Admin - gives you a snapshot of new registrations in the past 24 hours, as well as how many pending registrations and/or clearances/permits need to be actioned.
  • Clearances - to let you know when a clearance has been lodged for a Member to transfer in/out of your organisation.
  • Reports - most reports are emailed to you with a link to download the file.


Where do I go to learn more?

  • We recommend you start at the NRL Learning Centre where you can complete an induction course to get your head around the basics.
    • Try using the options in the side bar of the NRL Learning Centre to select your role (i.e. Club Administrator or Association Administrator) and access all our online courses at your convenience.
  • Take advantage of the Play Rugby League Knowledge Base (that's where you are now!), which has articles for both the Administrator and the Participant, to learn how to do everything from register to approve clearances, from running reports to assigning players to a squad.  There are also videos for those who prefer to watch to learn, and we're always adding new content!
    • The Knowledge Base also has a handy HELP feature at the bottom of the screen.  Use it to type in some key words of your search and it should point you in the right direction!
  • There is also on-screen help and guidance built into MySideline to help you on the run.
  • If you still can't find your answer, you can contact our friendly Support Team through the SUPPORT feature at the bottom of your MySideline screen, or by scrolling to the bottom of an article in the Knowledge Base and click CONTACT SUPPORT.  Make sure to provide as much detail as possible for our Team to answer your query.



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