How to Register /

Step 1 - Go to and search using your postcode, suburb or club name. 

Step 2 - Find the club/association you wish to register to and select 'Register'.

Step 3 - As part of the registration process, you will be prompted to login to your NRL Account. (If you don't have an existing NRL Account you will be able to create one during the registration process)

Step 3 - Once you are logged in to your NRL Account, select the participant you wish to register or click 'Add New Participant'.

Step - Complete the registration form, ensuring the 'Type of Registration' field is correct as per the experience you are registering for. 

Most common options available are Player Tackle, Coach, Trainer, Volunteer (generally used for roles in a club other then specifically Coach or Trainer)  and Referee.

Some clubs may also offer League Tag.

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