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This article relates to registering to a Club or Association.  See the Related Articles for information on registering to a Program or Course.

Helpful Hints before starting your Club/Association registration:


How to Register to a Club or Association:

Step 1 - Go to and search using your postcode, suburb or Club name

Step 2 - Find the Club/Association you wish to register to and select 'Register'.

Step 3 - As part of the registration process, you will be prompted to login to your Account. (If you don't have an existing NRL Account you will be able to Sign Up for one during the registration process).

Step 4 - Once you are logged in to your NRL Account, select the participant you wish to register, or click 'ADD A NEW PARTICIPANT'.

Note: Adding a Participant means linking an existing Member to your account, OR adding an entirely new participant who hasn't been involved before.  You may need to restart the registration process after Adding a Participant.

Step 5 - Complete the registration form, ensuring the 'Type of Registration' field is correct as per the experience you are registering for.  There will be some different questions depending on the Member Type selected.  For example, a Coach will need to advise the age group they are predominantly coaching.

Most common options available:

  • Player (such as Tackle or LeagueTag)
  • Coach
  • Trainer - includes LeagueSafe and Sports Trainer (League First Aid, Level 1 & 2 Sports Trainers)
  • Volunteer - generally for roles in a club other than specifically Coach or Trainer
  • Referee

Check with your Club/Association if unsure of what Member Type to register as.

Step 6 - You will need to complete all required fields to proceed through the form.  On the final page, accept the Terms & Conditions of participation, then click:

  • CREDIT CARD - will take you to make payment and finalise your registration.
  • COMPLETE REGISTRATION (if available) - this will finalise your registration without payment.  If there is a fee associated with your registration, ensure to follow up with your Club/Association to organise payment to secure your place.
  • If COMPLETE REGISTRATION is NOT an option - your Club may have mandatory payments in place, or you may have opted to purchase an item that requires payment at time of registration.  If you do not make payment at this stage, then you are NOT registered!  You may need to remove the item for purchase or check payment terms with your Club/Association if not making payment at this time.

Step 7 - Confirm your registration.  You will receive an email shortly after completion of the registration form.  What your email means:

  • Registration PENDING - this generally means you still need to supply supporting documents such as ID (e.g. birth certificate, passport, licence) or to upload a photo.
  • Registration SUCCESSFUL - your registration was successful!  If you are yet to make payment, make sure to follow up with your Club/Association as your place may not be secure until payment is made.
  • I didn't receive an email - first, check and refresh your junk/spam folder.  The email should arrive to the email address linked to your Account within a few minutes of completing your registration.  If you don't receive an email, your registration likely wasn't completed in full.  See FAQ's below on how to check your registration status.


How do I know if I'm registered?

You will receive a confirmation email after completing the registration form advising if your registration was successful, or if it's still pending approval.  If it looks like you're NOT registered, try the registration process againYou can only register as each Member Type once, so ensure to double check the Type of Registration being selected.

If you didn't receive your email, or if you're unsure, login to and you can check either of the following:

NOTE: this will NOT specify if your registration is Pending or Approved.  

1.  If registered in the current season, your Profile icon will display with added season information such as:

    • Member Type (such as Player or Volunteer)
    • Sport registered to (e.g. Rugby League or Touch Football)
    • Club Name and Logo you're registered to

Example of registered member:



2.  You can check your Registration History by:

Step 1 - While logged in to, click the Menu button in the top left corner and select Registration History.

Step 2 - Choose a Member from the drop down list.  Check for a current season record under the correct Member Type.


Why do I need to upload ID again?  I did this last time I registered!

If you have registered previously and are being asked for ID again, there is a good chance you have created a duplicate profile.

If you answer "Yes" to any of the below, or are still unsure, you will need to get in touch with your Club/Association to resolve the issue.

1.  When logged in to, do you have more than one Profile with YOUR name listed? 

2.  Check the Registration History of the Profile you registered with (see above: How do I know if I'm registered?) - does it only show your most recent Club, OR you can't see all the previous Clubs you were registered with under that Profile?

3.  Is your Profile name DIFFERENT to the name on your ID?


I received a Registration DECLINED email.  What does this mean?

You will need to contact your Club/Association for more information, but some common reasons your registration may have been Declined include:

  • You registered under a Duplicate Profile.
  • Supporting documents were NOT uploaded/provided for a Pending Profile by a cut-off as set by your Club/Association.
  • The Team or Age Group is at capacity.
  • You registered under the incorrect Member Type.


I registered in the incorrect/wrong Member Type - how do I fix it?

If you accidentally registered in the incorrect Member Type, you will need to go through the registration form again and select the correct Member Type.

Have you already paid a registration fee for the incorrect Member Type registration?

NO - Go through the Registration Form again and select the correct Member Type.  Ensure to let your Club know so they can organise a de-registration of the incorrect Member Type.

YES - Contact your Club to discuss payment options, but you will need to go through the registration form again to select the correct Member Type.  The Club may be able to issue a Discount Code for monies paid so that you do not have to pay again when re-registering. 



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