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Clearances and Permits are only required for the following Member Types:

  • Player Tackle
  • Player League Tag
  • Referee

Coach, Trainer and Volunteer, and other Member Types do NOT require a clearance or permit.

NOTE: Your current Club, Association and new Club will be required to approve any requested clearance or permit.

A clearance is required when a Player and/or match official is moving from one Club/Association to another regardless of whether it is a new season or during a season.

A permit is required when a player and/or match official is registered in one Club/Association (primary club) and is being permitted to play/referee in another Club/Association on an interim basis.

See some examples below:


You need a clearance if changing from one PRIMARY Club to a different PRIMARY Club.

e.g. If you were last registered to play/referee at "Club A" but now want to play/referee  at "Club B", you will need to apply for a clearance.

Your current Club/Association and new Club/Association will be required to approve any requested clearance, then you will need to complete the registration form for your new Club.


I want to be "DUAL REGISTERED" (Play/Referee at 2 different Clubs/Associations)

You need a permit if you want to have a PRIMARY and a SECONDARY Club/Association.

Note: This option is NOT available over state lines, and ensure you note any relevant rules in your area regarding finals eligibility as a permitted player.

e.g. If you primarily play in a Junior Club but also have permission to play in a Senior club, you would need to be registered with your Junior Club then get a permit to your Senior Club.

e.g. If you primarily play at a Club near home but work away and have permission to play at a Club near your work, you would need to be registered to play at your home Club then get a permit to your play at work Club.

e.g. If you primarily referee in one Association but will be travelling to referee at a carnival, you will need a permit from your Primary Association to the Association where the carnival is being held.

The Secondary Club/Association must request the permit, and your Primary Club/Association will be required to approve the requested permit.  You will be notified by email if the permit is approved or declined.


How do I check the status of my clearance?

Once you've requested a clearance, you can check the status in your Profile's Clearance History tab.

The different options are:

  • Pending - your clearance still needs to be approved at one or more levels (e.g. Club, Association)
  • Awaiting Participant Registration - your clearance has been approved at all relevant levels and is waiting for you to register.
  • Approved - this clearance is complete.

Under the National Clearance Policy, a timeframe of ten (10) working days is allowed for a clearance to be either approved or denied within State League jurisdictions, however there are some circumstances under local and state rules where this may delayed.

If you have questions about a pending clearance:

  • Contact the Club you are transferring TO to see if there is anything they need from you to approve your clearance, or advise what level/s the Clearance is awaiting approval.
  • Contact the Club you are transferring FROM to find out if there is anything outstanding that you need to attend to before approval is made.
  • If your Clearance is awaiting approval at another level, speak with your Club to find out how to follow up with the relevant level in your area.
  • Unfortunately, the NRL Support Team cannot approve local clearances.  They must be managed by the local administrators.



You do NOT require a clearance or permit to register at a different Club.

Team Staff can register at whichever Club they will be completing duties as a Coach, Trainer, or Volunteer.  This includes at multiple locations, as required.




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