I did not receive the verification email or 4 digit code? /

NOTE: If you have an existing profile and need to change the email address, see how to here.

If you are trying to verify your email address to access MySideline and are not receiving the verification email/code, see below.

I'm not receiving the:

Verification email

a) If you are using a business email address, your business may block certain emails from being received. You may need to ask them to put noreply@nrl.com.au on their white list or use a personal email address.

b) The email may be in your junk/spam folder

c) You may have noreply@nrl.com.au blocked in your email security setting

d) You may not have a verified NRL.com account.

e) If receiving the code to your mobile is an option (as for linking a Profile), try having the code sent to your mobile.


Verification text message

The mobile number on your existing profile may not match a mobile you have access to. You will need to contact your Club to update your mobile number if you don't have access to your profile.


Changes to participants under 18

Changes to email addresses and phone numbers for participants under 18 are only able to be made if requested by the current contact on the record. 


Returning to the same club you last registered to?

If you are returning to the same club that you were last registered to and have just just changed your contact details, the quickest way is to ask your club to update your details.


Still having Problems?
If you have tried all of the above and are still not receiving the verification email, click on this link and complete the Update Profile Details form, or contact Support below if your details are correct.

Contact Support

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