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What is MySideline Manager?

MySideline Manager is a new platform for grassroots Rugby League administrators. The platform houses a range of functions designed for Team, Club and Association administrators, providing a simple solution to manage game day and training operations. The key features include live scoring, squad management, team lists, match day cards and to assist you in being Covid-safe, a training attendance feature.

What are some of the benefits?

MySideline Manager was developed to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs associated with game day and training operations by digitising paper-based tasks such as team list submission, scoring, match management, member card verification and form entries.

How can I access MySideline Manager?

To access MySideline Manager, first go to and login/signup with your NRL Account. Once you access this, your club or league admin will need to configure your access in MySideline Admin. For further information, please go to Accessing MySideline Manager 

What is the difference between Club & Team Access?

Like the MySideline Admin Platform, the main difference is Club Administrators will have visibility over all squads and teams within their Club where Team Administrators will only have access to their own Team.

Additionally, Club Administrators will have access to the Squad Management feature, which is restricted for Team Administrators. 

What devices and browsers are compatible?

MySideline Manager has been designed to be compatible with all common devices ranging from mobiles, tablets, and desktops. For optimum performance, we recommend using Google Chrome and ensuring your mobile or tablet device is running on the latest software version.

For further information on supported browsers and devices please go to Supported Devices and Browsers

Can I still manage a match if I’m not connected to the internet?

Yes, you can, however to ensure you’re viewing the latest matches and squad lists (prior to a match commencing) you will need to be connected to the internet initially. During a match, a connectivity icon will indicate whether you are:  

  • Green (Synced): Connected and all match events are updated in the admin.
  • Red (Offline): Not Connected, however, all match events when the internet connection is lost will still be saved locally and updated in the admin once connectivity is regained, meaning you can continue scoring even when you’re offline.

What if my device runs out of battery during a match?

All activities such as match events will be automatically synced to the admin, so what you’ve recorded won’t be lost. In this scenario, you could log in via another device, or a Club or Team admin can log in and pick up where you left off.

On Game-Day, who is responsible for managing the match?

We recommend contacting your local Club or League who will be able to assist with any inquiries related to competition management.

How often are changes in MySideline Manager updated in the MySideline Admin Platform

All updates and changes such as team list submissions and scores will be updated automatically in the admin platform.

Where can I find more information covering each feature?

To help you get started we have created a short course and added a number of learning resources to the support centre.

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