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The Squads (or Squad Management) feature provides administrators with the ability to assign registered participants (Players & Team Staff) to their relevant Squad, according to their age or competition type, making them available for team selection on game-day.

It’s important that all participants taking part in an upcoming match are assigned to the squad prior to a match, so they are available for selection.

Note: The Squad Management feature is only available to Club & Association Administrators who will need to ensure all participants are assigned to a Squad prior to a match commencing.

Step 1 - Log in to

  • If you have more than one level of access (e.g. a Junior and Senior Club), you may need to SWITCH ROLES to view the correct Squads.  Click the Menu button, select Switch Role then choose the relevant access to view.

Step 2 - Select 'Squads' from the menu

Step 3 - Select the relevant Team you wish to update.

Step 4 - Select Players or Non-Players (for Team Staff).  This may take a couple of moments for your Members to load.

Step 5 - From the Current Members list, select the participants to add to the Squad.  A tick will show beside the names of selected participants.

Step 6 - Scroll to the bottom of the list and click ADD TO SQUAD.


Step 7 - If required, participants can be removed from a squad by navigating to the Current Squad list, selecting the relevant participants, and confirming the change by submitting the ‘Remove from Squad’ button.




Helpful Hints

Players not appearing for selection?

1.  Check that the player is not Pending
2.  Check the age group filter
3.  Check the Player's member type matches the team and competition member type ie.  player, team and competition are all player tackle or all player league tag

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