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Product/Service: MySideline Manager
Permission Required: Club or Association Admin

The Squads (or Squad Management) feature provides administrators with the ability to assign registered participants (Players & Team Staff) to their relevant Squad, according to their age or competition type, making them available for Team selection on game-day.

It’s important that all participants taking part in an upcoming match are assigned to the squad prior to a match, so they are available for selection.

Note: The Squad Management feature is only available to Club & Association Administrators who will need to ensure all participants are assigned to a Squad prior to a match commencing.


To ADD a Member to a Squad

Step 1 - Log in to

Note: If you have more than one level of access (e.g. a Junior and Senior Club), you may need to SWITCH ROLES to view the correct Squads.  Click the Menu button, select Switch Role then choose the relevant access to view.

Step 2 - Select 'Squads' from the menu

Step 3 - Select the Team you wish to update.

Step 4 - Select Players or Non-Players (for Team Staff).  This may take a couple of moments for your Members to load.

Step 5 - From the Current Members list, select the participants to add to the Squad.  A tick will show beside the names of selected participants.

Step 6 - Scroll to the bottom of the list and click ADD TO SQUAD.


To REMOVE a Member from a Squad

Follow Steps 1-4 above then:

Step 5 - Click the Current Squad list and select the relevant participants to remove from the Squad.  A tick will show beside the names of selected participants.

Step 6 - Scroll to the bottom of the list and confirm the change by clicking REMOVE FROM SQUAD.


Helpful Hints

Help!  Why are my Players/Members not appearing for selection?

Check the following if a Member isn't available to select:

  • Is the Player/Member still Pending approval?
  • Is the Age Group Filter set correctly?  If you are adding a Player from an age group other than the Competition's default age, you'll need to change the Age Group Filter.
  • Has the Player been approved for their Age Group Dispensation?
  • Does the Member Type match the Team and Competition Member Type?  For example - are the Player, Team, and Competition all Player Tackle or Player League Tag?

What is the difference between Current MEMBERS and Current SQUAD?

Current Members =available Members within your Club that can be assigned to the Squad.

Current Squad = Players and Team Staff that have already been assigned to the Squad.


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