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The Team List feature provides administrators with the ability to assign Players and Team Staff to an upcoming match, select their position (if required), and add their jersey number. Once a team list is submitted, digital member cards for each participant will be available to verify a team list prior to a match commencing.

Members need to be assigned to a Team for EACH Match.  Once 1 team has been entered, you will have the opportunity to use the same team list for upcoming matches.


1. Submitting a Team List

Step 1: Select 'Team Lists' from the Dashboard or the Menu.

Step 2: Select the Match you would like to submit the team list for. For convenience, upcoming matches will be ordered first.  


Step 3: Select both Players and Officials (team staff) participating in the match.

If a Member isn't available, they may not have been added to your squad.  Check with your Club, Association, or Competition Convener.

Note: participants assigned to the previous match will automatically be assigned to the match in a draft format. This will save administrators having to re-add a team list each week and instead will only be required to make any necessary changes.


Step 4: If required, you can make any necessary adjustments such as removing participants (click the red "bin" icon beside a player to remove them) or changing their jersey number.


Step 5: Select 'Submit'.

Important: Ensure you select the 'Submit' button after you have assigned the team, or made any modifications.  This will save and update the team list.

Step 6: After selecting the Submit button you will be provided with the following options:

(i) Submit the team list and remain on the current screen to either view digital cards or make any further changes.

(ii) Submit & Score to submit the team list and continue to 'Match Management' to start managing and scoring a match. 



2. Digital Cards

Previously, Leagues, Clubs and Team Managers have experienced a number of issues with the physical cards, most notably:

  • Forgetting their team ID book
  • Large printing costs
  • Increased workload for Volunteers and Administrators in coordinating the issuing of physical cards
  • Cards displaying outdated information and requiring to be reprinted throughout the season.
  • Players changing Clubs and having to obtain a new card

These issues can now be alleviated through using the digital cards available in MySidelIne Manager to verify each participant prior to a match.

Viewing Digital Cards

Step 1: Prior to viewing the Team's Card's you will first need to ensure the team list has been submitted.

Step 2: Once the Team list is submitted, select the 'Cards' Button.

Step 3: Navigate through and check each card for verification purposes.

Details displayed on each card include Member Photo, Full Name, Member Type, Date of Birth, NRL ID Number, Competition Name, Team Name, Club Name and Logo, Accreditations (Team Staff), and Dispensations (if applicable). 

Player Card


Official Card




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