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To assist coaches and managers with maintaining a COVID Safe environment, a training attendance tracker has been included in MySideline Manager. This will make it easy to record who has attended training and complete any required checks, which can be easily reported on in MySideline Admin.

Step 1: Select 'Training Attendance' from the menu.

Step 2: Select the 'Add List' button.

Step 3: Complete each question such as the training date, venue, and the relevant COVID-19 based questions.


Step 4: Select each registered player and official from the list available. Club administrators will have access to select all registered participants within their Club and Team administrators will only have access to players assigned to the Team Squad.

Note: If you're unable to locate a participant from the list available, there is an option to manually add a participant by selecting the 'New Member' button.

Step 5: Select 'Submit' to save the attendance list. If required or a mistake is made the, attendance list can be deleted.




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