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Release Notes 3.22.1 - 13/04/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Play Rugby League Support - find MySideline insights and how to's within our articles, videos and step by step modules.
  • Communications filter option 'Non-Financial' and 'include Parent Email' checkbox now available - MySideline Club and Association Admin.
  • Add Competition Active / Inactive Filter on Ladder Page - MySideline Association Admin.
  • Program settings will now allow a Program Managers to hide or display the shirt sizes field in the registration form - MySideline Program Admin.
  • Ability to create a $0 Saleable Items Product - MySideline State Admin.

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Communications send log has been enhanced to send in batches of 500 emails at a time to increase deliverability - MySideline Club / Association Admin.
  • Concussion question fields now appear in Competition Cases in the injury information - MySideline Association Admin.
  • Historic Registration Report age miscalculations has been solved - MySideline Admin.


Release Notes 2.22.2 - 31/03/2022

What's new, MySideline?

Highlight of this release is the injury and suspected concussion reporting!

  • The injury report form will automate a player unavailability if ‘suspected concussion = yes’ & ‘injury report form = completed’. The return of this participant will then be managed in MySideline Admin Competition Cases - MySideline Association Admin.

  • The concussion questions are included in the Injury Report Form - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.

Find out more about how injury reporting works - take me there!

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Download the MyLeague App today to view the change from the NRL Facebook newsfeed to the news.
  • Device compatability CSS enhancement for the club squad management non-player bug on certain mobile devices is solved - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Training attendance sheet to save bug on certain mobile devices is solved - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.


Release Notes 2.22.1 - 08/03/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Include concussion recognition questions in the injury report form - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Injury Report Form now populates users email in Manager - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Additional Shirt Size option for kids (Size 4) available in Saleable items for Registrations - MySideline Program Admin and Registration Form.

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Registration Unsuccessful changes requested by NSWRL / QRL / Affiliated States for Declined Pending Registration email content change to:
    “Don't walk off the field yet - the reason for your registration being declined is stated above.  Please contact your club for further details or upload any required documents via this link"
  • 18 month registration report no longer displaying previous season dispensation data & enhancements to the table - MySideline Association Admin.
  • School page refresh - Play Rugby League website. 
  • Communicator error message update - MySideline Program Admin.


Release Notes 1.22.1 - 28/01/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Guidance notification to assist Team Managers if not all roles are filled in the team list - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Communicator now includes additional send fields - MySideline Admin. 

What did we fix / enhance?


Watch this space! 'Release Notes' from 2020, 2021 & 2022 to display here soon...

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