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Release Notes 9.22.1 - 26/10/2022

What's new, MySideline?

We’re working on making the registration workflow even better, check out our initial updates:

  • When participants register or log in to their profile they can now add their favourite NRLW team and/or update their NRL team to the Dolphins.

  • All new documents added in MySideline Admin will have to nominate a file name either Birth Certificate, Driver's Licence, Passport, Photo ID, Other.

  • Referee, Coach, Volunteer and Trainer registration workflow will now ask for their Working with Children Check information.

  • New participants registering to a Club will now experience a much smoother workflow when creating an NRL Account then being returned to the registration form. 

  • Verification page wording has been updated to make the steps for updating their contact information clear.

We've also released:

  • Have you tried out the new Match Grid? We’re so excited to share this with you and hope it helps our Competition Managers with large competitions. Let us know what you think!

  • Unavailability Report at Club Admin level to assist Clubs will managing participants who are unable to participate due to tribunal or injury - MySideline Admin.

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Bug affecting the display of price when a new program had been created has now been resolved.

  • A participant can now only register once to the same program, 

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Release Notes 8.22.1 - 26/09/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Providing discount codes for programs - MySideline Admin.
  • Club Admin to be able to export a report for each of their teams and the fixture information if set to display and not hidden - MySideline Admin.
  • Display an “Awaiting Participant Registration” status for the ‘Participant' post approval and prior to registration into “To” Club - MySideline Admin.
  • As a club administrator, I can re-trigger the Clearance finalisation notification so that I can remind the participant to complete the process if they haven’t already done so - MySideline Admin.
  • A new “Awaiting Participant Registration“ status is added to clearance permit filters. When I select that filter, I can only see the clearance permits data which has status as “Awaiting Participant Registration“ - MySideline Admin.
  • Super Admin able to restrict what Program Types display for which Game Dev Regions - MySideline Admin. 

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Bug affecting the Saleable Items Report duplicating rows per registration ID has been solved - MySideline Admin.
  • Bug affecting the program contact display on the program registration cards has been solved - Play Rugby League website.


Release Notes 7.22.1 - 31/08/2022

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Association Admin can continue merging pending duplicates! For a period of time pending duplicates weren't displaying in the table this has now been resolved - MySideline Association & Above Admin. 
  • To assist Program Admins, we have enhanced the autofill process for program creation.
  • 'Blank' Program status is now included in the default display for / programs.
  • Bug affecting Game Day Admin role no longer receiving clearance email receipts.


Release Notes 6.22.1 - 01/08/2022

What's new, MySideline?

Did you know MySideline Admin has a Program Management tool? It's true! And we're currently working on enhancing the functionality so more people can use it, for more programs!

In this release we included the ability for Program Admins to:

  • auto-generate a Program Registration URL from the program details page.
  • search for programs using these tools:
    • type search program names.
    • filter by date range and program status.
    • 'Show All Programs' button.
  • view 'In Progress' programs on the Programs table as the default display.
  • select 'Cancelled - Other' as a program status to cater for unprecendented events.
  • report on all Program Admin and Game Dev Region Admin users via Reports.

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What did we fix / enhance?


Release Notes 5.22.1 - 30/06/2022

What's new, MySideline?

Highlight of this release is the brand new 'Game Day Admin' role in MySideline Manager!

  • The new role type for a ‘Game Day Admin’ allows assigned admins access to oversee and manage multiple matches within the Association via MySideline Manager. MySideline_Game_Day_Admin_demo.png
  • Clearance enhancements include the ability to open a clearance from a member profile, updated wording on clearance request page for a participant to sight their email address and additional filters added to the / clearance - permits table to be able to filter Age ranges.
  • MySideline Association & above Admin will no longer be able to create new venues to avoid further duplication. Need a new venue? Get in touch!

What did we fix / enhance?

  • The player points column bug in the printed team sheets was showing as 0 for each player despite players have points allocated to them. This has been resolved in MySideline Association Admin.
  • My Members filter now includes 'Ascending' and 'Descending' which allows administrators to adjust the table display in relevance of registration date - MySideline Admin.
  • Interchange save bug solved - MySideline Association Admin.
  • Injury Report error messaging enhancements to help guide users to finalise the missing fields (UX designers assisting with best approach) - MySideline Manager.
  • Requirement to have programs disbursement report available at Program Region level - MySideline Game Dev Region Admin.

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Release Notes 4.22.1 - 01/06/2022

What's new, MySideline?

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Active Kids Voucher (AKV) bug affecting NSWRL participants who have spaces in between the numbers and no error message appearing when the input the AKV number correctly has been solved in the registration form.
  • Pool rounds filter, sorting functionality on playrugbyleague / competitions now orders by time, date, venue, field number and the competitions display filters by alphabetical order - Check it out!
  • Communicator Filter bug affecting the distribution of emails - MySideline Club / Association Admin.
  • Saleable Items Report bugbriefly affecting the export of reports is now solved - MySideline Club / Association & above Admin.
  • Unassigned Players Report showing incorrect age groups logic has now been adjusted - MySideline Club / Association Admin.
  • Duplicate Member paginator at the bottom of the table has been enhanced to allow admins to more accurately search and manage duplicates - MySideline Association & above Admin.
  • Team Manager's check out the updated look and feel now available - MySideline Manager.

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Release Notes 3.22.1 - 13/04/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Play Rugby League Support - find MySideline insights and how to's within our articles, videos and step by step modules.
  • Communications filter option 'Non-Financial' and 'include Parent Email' checkbox now available - MySideline Club and Association Admin.
  • Add Competition Active / Inactive Filter on Ladder Page - MySideline Association Admin.
  • Program settings will now allow a Program Managers to hide or display the shirt sizes field in the registration form - MySideline Program Admin.
  • Ability to create a $0 Saleable Items Product - MySideline State Admin.

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Communications send log has been enhanced to send in batches of 500 emails at a time to increase deliverability - MySideline Club / Association Admin.
  • Concussion question fields now appear in Competition Cases in the injury information - MySideline Association Admin.
  • Historic Registration Report age miscalculations has been solved - MySideline Admin.


Release Notes 2.22.2 - 31/03/2022

What's new, MySideline?

Highlight of this release is the injury and suspected concussion reporting!

  • The injury report form will automate a player unavailability if ‘suspected concussion = yes’ & ‘injury report form = completed’. The return of this participant will then be managed in MySideline Admin Competition Cases - MySideline Association Admin.

  • The concussion questions are included in the Injury Report Form - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.


Find out more about how injury reporting works - take me there!

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Download the MyLeague App today to view the change from the NRL Facebook newsfeed to the news.
  • Device compatability CSS enhancement for the club squad management non-player bug on certain mobile devices is solved - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Training attendance sheet to save bug on certain mobile devices is solved - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.


Release Notes 2.22.1 - 08/03/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Include concussion recognition questions in the injury report form - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Injury Report Form now populates users email in Manager - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Additional Shirt Size option for kids (Size 4) available in Saleable items for Registrations - MySideline Program Admin and Registration Form.

What did we fix / enhance?

  • Registration Unsuccessful changes requested by NSWRL / QRL / Affiliated States for Declined Pending Registration email content change to:
    “Don't walk off the field yet - the reason for your registration being declined is stated above.  Please contact your club for further details or upload any required documents via this link"
  • 18 month registration report no longer displaying previous season dispensation data & enhancements to the table - MySideline Association Admin.
  • School page refresh - Play Rugby League website. 
  • Communicator error message update - MySideline Program Admin.


Release Notes 1.22.1 - 28/01/2022

What's new, MySideline?

  • Guidance notification to assist Team Managers if not all roles are filled in the team list - MySideline Manager Team and Club Admin.
  • Communicator now includes additional send fields - MySideline Admin. 

What did we fix / enhance?

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