MySideline Manager - Injury Reporting /

MySideline Manager has the ability to report and record injuries that occur during a match or at training.

To report an injury, you will need to have access to MySideline Manager. 

In the case where an injury cannot be entered at the time of the incident, paper forms can still be used to record injuries, however they must be entered into MySideline by the club or Association.


Follow the steps below:

Step 1- Log into MySideline Manger.

Step 2- Select 'Report Injury'.

Note: Injuries can be reported for all members who are assigned to a squad.

Step 3- Complete all the appropriate fields about when the injury occurred and click on continue.

Step 4- On the next screen, select the member and enter the details of the injury, including marking the injured part/s of the body.

Note: If concussion symptoms = yes is selected, additional questions about concussion will need to be completed. and the player will be marked unavailable for selection in teams. 

Step 5- Once all information has been entered about the injury, there will be two options:

'Complete' The injury report will be saved.

'Save for Later' You can go back and edit the injury report, then complete it.

Step 6- Once completed, you have the ability to send the report to others by clicking on 'Email to Others'.

Note: Others may include parent, participant, doctor, physio, club 

Once created, injury reports will be viewable on the player's profile in MySideline. They will also be available in the injury cases area on MySideline Manager and can also be reported on.


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