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What is a Competition Exception Date?

A competition exception date feature is part of the Draw Builder and allows Association Administrators to create 'Exception Dates' within their competition draws.  It prevents matches from being scheduled on selected dates, such as school or public holidays, show holidays etc.

These dates can be set at National, State or Region levels and can be utilised by Association Administrators.  The Association Administrator can use and amend the preset dates or create specific dates for their competitions.


Creating/Editing or Removing Exception Dates

Step 1 - Open Draw Builder from your menu options

Step 2 - Select the tab Exception Dates

Step 3 - Enter a Description ie. Show Day, Rep Round, Easter Weekend

Step 4 - Enter a single date or date range and click Add Date.

Note:  Pre-set dates will be displayed here and can be edited or removed.


Adding Exception Dates to the Draw

Creating a New Draw

Once your dates are added, select the tab Create/Manage Draw and click on the +Create Draw button.  From this point, just create the draw as you would normally. 

If you require further information, click on the link to view the learning module on Creating and Editing Draws  

Re-do Draw

If the draw has already been created without exception dates and you would like to add them, follow these steps

Step 1 - Go to Matches in the side bar menu

Step 2 - Select 'Redo Draw'

Step 3 - Select the Draw Builder

Step 4 - Select the round you would like to 'redo' from

Step 5 - Confirm the seeding is correct and select 'Next'

Step 6 - Choose the finals template

Step 7 - When the list of Exception Dates display, select the dates by ticking the boxes then select 'Next'

Step 8 - Check that your selected Exception Dates have been included in the draw and select 'Next'

Option to 'Publish Draw', making your draw viewable in  MySideline Manager, the MyLeague app and on

Note: An unpublished draw will not appear in MySideline Manager, the MyLeague app or on






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