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The ability to manage duplicate member profiles is an essential task for maintaining data integrity in  MySideline

In order to manage duplicate member profiles, an Administrator must have permission to the MySideline database at Association level or higher.

It is extremely important that duplicate records are checked to make sure that the profiles are the same person. 

NOTE: Once records are merged, they cannot be undone.

Exact date of birth and different first name may be twins.  Check carefully before the records are merged.

Below are the possible scenarios for duplicate records and the correct process that needs to be followed:

Scenario 1 - Profiles within the same club

The duplicates will be flagged at the Association Level above the club where the profiles are registered. 

Scenario 2 - Profiles at different clubs in the same Association

A clearance will need to be requested and approved before the merge is processed. Then the duplicate can be flagged at the Association Level.

Scenario 3 - Profiles at different clubs in different Associations

A clearance will need to be requested and approved before the merge is processed. Then the duplicate will be flagged at the highest level above the clubs.

Scenario 4 - One Profile at a club, one in another area of MySideline (ie. Masters, Programs)

These recorded will be processed at the National Level.

Scenario 5 - One Profile for Rugby League, One for Touch Football

These records will not be merged unless specifically requested by the participant or parent/guardian if under the age of 18.  This process will be managed via a support request.

Merge Records

Step 1 - Click on 'Duplicate Members' in the sidebar of MySideline.

Step 2 - Enter the first and last name of the participant and click search.

Step 3 - Select the Age Level of the participant from the drop down box.

Step 4 - Select the participant from the list by clicking on their name.

Step 5 - Review all the information for both records, keeping in mind that the information in the Primary record will remain. Other data such as accreditations, registration history, game stats from the secondary record will be added alongside the primary record data.

Step 6 - If required, enter any notes at the bottom of the merging page.

Step 7 - Merge the members by clicking the red 'Merge selected members' button.

Once the merge has been completed, you will need to ensure that the primary profile is registered correctly with the correct club.

Ignore Records

Only select this option if you are sure that both records are two different members. If you have incorrectly ignored a record, you can undo it by selecting 'undo ignore'. This will return the records back to the duplicate area to be reviewed again.

If you prefer to learn via a visual option, there is a Duplicate Management learning module available in the NRL Learning Centre for all administrators.  Click Here to access the module.

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