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What is the Online Learning Centre?

The Online Learning Centre is where the game of Rugby League hosts a range of course material for our Volunteers and playing participants.

You can find courses for:

You will need your Member Profile linked to an Account in order to complete any courses.

Select the type of course from the list above, or click here to see the courses on offer.



What is a Face to Face (F2F) course?

"Face to Face", also known as "F2F", courses are held at a venue and are commonly a mixture of presentation and practical delivery.

Some accreditations require online learning then a "Face to Face" practical component so the presenter can properly assess your skills and knowledge.


What is an online or eLearning course? 

Online or eLearning courses are a common accreditation requirement which takes an individual through required learning material in an online format.

eLearning modules are often a prerequisite for a Face to Face component to complete an accreditation.  Make sure to check your course requirements.


How do I find the course I want?

There are multiple ways to locate a course in the NRL Learning Centre:

  • Use the Quick Search function. Select the type of course you're searching for and it will take you through some simple questions to narrow down your course options based on your selections.


  • Use the Course Finder to display the full catalogue of available NRL Learning Centre courses with an optional Search bar and filters to help narrow down your search.
    • Search Bar - enter the Course name (or part name).
    • Locations - select your State/Territory if looking for a Face to Face course in your area.
    • Start date - show courses that are only available during a set date period
    • NRL Classifications - select the Course Type you wish to complete.  E.g. "Sports Trainer"


  • You can also Browse the courses on the NRL Learning Centre home page.


How do I register to a Course?

To register for a course, you will need a Member Profile linked to an Account.

If you've got your Member Profile ready to go, click here for details on how to register to a Course.


How do I access my accreditation certificate after completing a course?

Note: Not all courses provide a certificate of accreditation on completion.  Look out for the ribbon symbol to know which ones have a certificate available: mceclip3.png

Step 1 - If not already, LOG IN to the NRL Learning Centre.

Step 2 - Select MY COURSES from the top bar (PC/laptop) or menu (phone/tablet).


Step 3 - Select COMPLETED


Step 4 - Find the completed Course from those listed and click the "ribbon" symbol to download a copy of your certificate as a pdf.  mceclip3.png

Your certificate can also be downloaded by selecting the Course in your Completed Courses list and clicking the Download Course Certificate button.



How do I access my First Aid or CPR certificates completed as part of a Sports Trainer course?

You should have been emailed a copy of your certificate on completion of the course.  Check your emails (or spam folder), or log in to the course provider's Online Learning Centre where you completed your First Aid or CPR modules.


How do I upload copies of my annual certificates (e.g CPR) to my Profile?

If you have completed annual training with an external Recognised Training Organisation, you can request to upload your skill/s to your Profile by completing a simple form and attaching a copy of your Statement of Attainment.

Recognised training includes:

  • HLTAID001 or HLTAID009 (Provide CPR)
  • HLTAID003 or HLTAID011 (Provide First Aid)
  • HLTAID007 or HLITA010 (Provide Advanced Resuscitation)
  • PUAEME004 (Provide Emergency Care for a Suspected Spinal Injury)


I completed a Course but it's not listed in My Courses.  How do I find it?

If your course isn't available in your Completed Course list:

  • Check your Current enrolments - just in case part of the course is still to be completed.
  • Was it completed under a different Profile name?  Sometimes a course is completed under a different name to your approved Club Profile (e.g. one profile under "Tim", another under "Timothy").  If this is the case, you will need to contact Support to get your profiles merged.


I've completed my eLearning modules and attended the Face to Face, but my accreditation isn't "complete".  What's wrong?

  • Check your eLearning modules.  Do they all show a green tick?  If any show the orange "in progress" icon, then you'll need to finish them off before your accreditation will be complete.  Make sure to click on every part of the interactive components!
  • Sports Trainers (courses involving additional modules such as CPR or First Aid) - have you completed your eLearning for the CPR/First Aid component?  You should have received an email with instructions on how to log in and complete the relevant modules, which are separate from your NRL Learning Centre modules.  These MUST be completed to finalise your accreditation.
  • Presenter may be checking your course material, so it may take a couple of days for your Face to Face to be marked off as completed.
  • None of the above?  Get in contact with our Support Team.


Can I apply for Recognition of Prior Learning? (RPL)

You can apply for RPL for some components of a Sports Trainer accreditation.  For more information, visit our dedicated Trainer page.


Who do I contact for support? 

You can check out the helpful articles here in the NRL Knowledge Base and also contact our friendly Support Team via support.playrugbyleague

Additionally, you can contact your local league administrator via your respective state league. 




Accreditation Types, Courses, & Reaccreditation




MySideline Admin / MySideline Manager

Find out more about available MySideline Admin and MySideline Manager courses here.

While there isn't a "reaccreditation" process for MySideline, we recommend giving yourself a refresher as required.

You can complete any previous Courses (or individual eLearning modules within a Course if there's something specific you need to refresh) by:

Step 1 - If not already, LOG IN to the NRL Learning Centre.

Step 2 - Select MY COURSES from the top bar (PC/laptop) or menu (phone/tablet).


Step 3 - Select COMPLETED


Step 4 - Click on the completed Course from those listed.  It will open to show any associated eLearning modules.

Step 5 - Select the module you wish to complete.

Note - you may need to manually select internal module from those available.

E.g. mceclip6.png




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