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Product/Service: MySideline Admin
Permission Required: Club* or Association Admin (permission is determined by the Association).

What is a Pending Registration?

When a participant registers into MySideline for the first time, their profile will be in a pending status until they are approved by an Administrator.   The reason for this is so that the data entered remains authentic and clean and we can endeavour to eliminate duplicate or non-genuine profiles being entered into MySideline.

During the registration process the new participant has the opportunity to enter an ID document which can be Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence or Passport and an identifying photo (head shot).  The uploaded document must match the Member being registered.


Managing a Pending Registration

Pending registrations can be managed by a Club and/or Association Administrator, depending on the permissions set by the Association.

To action a pending registration in MySideline:

Step 1 -  Go to Pending Registrations on the left hand side menu (listed under Member Management)

Step 2 - Select the participant and check the documents uploaded during the registration process. 
NOTE: Check that First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth are an exact match to the ID document.

Step 3 - If you are happy that all is in order, update the verification status box to Approved.



If you need to decline a registration, (for example, the details do not match the ID) you will need to select a reason from the drop down box and enter any notes into the verification notes area.  If the declined Member will not be re-registering with this Profile, it also needs to be de-registered (completed in the Registration History tab of the Member Profile in MySideline Admin).

The participant will receive an auto-generated email to let them know that their registration has been declined by the club and the reason it was declined, and to contact the club for any further information.

NOTE:  Once a pending registration is declined, it cannot be reinstated and the participant will need to go through registration process again.



Helpful Hints

If a pending participant has not uploaded any documents during the registration process, the participant can log into

  • Documents can be uploaded in the 'Supporting Documents' section
  • If it is a photo that needs to be added, the participant can click on the camera icon



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