Adding Photo and ID Document to a Pending Profile /

If you are registering into MySideline for the first time, your profile will be pending and will need to be approved by an administrator. 

For the administrator to approve the registration, they will need to sight id documents such as a birth certificate, current drivers licence or valid passport.

If you were not able to do this during the registration process, you can go back into your profile and add these.

Note:  The ID photo should be a clear and identifiable head/shoulder shot of the participant only, without sunglasses or a hat.

To upload a photo and/or ID Document

Step 1 - Log into

Step 2 - Select 'My Profile' from the menu on the top left

Step 3 - Select 'Edit Profile' on the profile you wish to edit

Step 4 - Click on the Camera Icon to add a photo


Step 5 - Documents can be uploaded in the 'Supporting Documents' area.



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