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Welcome to your Profile!

Your Profile is all for YOU. This is where you will find your Rewards, access your history in the game, and much more.  Watch for more changes as they roll out this year!


What is the difference between an Account and My Profile?

Your Account is your "access key" and is used to sign in to:

  • Register as a Member to a Club/Association (e.g. as a Player, Coach, Referee, etc).  You will need to link your Member Profile to your Account.
  • Enrol to complete courses in the Learning Centre.
  • Access MySideline Admin or MySideline Manager to complete tasks as an Administrator.

You can learn more about creating and managing your Account here.


My Profile is found at and is the place where you can view, access, and edit information for the Member Profiles who are linked to your Account.


How do I access My Profile?

You can access My Profile by logging in to

To log in, you will need to have a verified account, or you can click SIGN UP to create one.



What can I see in My Profile?

Once logged in to, click the menu button on the top left hand side of the screen to view the options available:


  • MY PROFILE - View and edit your and any other profiles linked to your account, or Add a New Participant.  See details below about editing a profile.
  • REWARDS - You can view the PlayRugbyLeague Rewards codes for each of your eligible linked Members here. You can find more information about the Play Rugby League Rewards here.
  • REGISTRATION HISTORY - view the Registration History of linked members by selecting their name from the drop-down menu.
  • CLEARANCE HISTORY - view the history and current status of Clearances and Permits for each linked Member by selecting their name from the drop-down menu.
  • TRANSACTIONS - Any financial transactions processed through MySideline will be displayed here.
  • PLAYER STATS - Select a Member from the drop-down menu to view stats for, such as Competition, Age Group, Team Name, Player Stats (Matches Played, Tries, Goals, Field Goals), and Club represented.
      • Note: Match and Players Stats are entered by your Club/Association, so if they are not displayed, please contact your Club.
  • ACCREDITATIONS - All accreditations for linked Members can be viewed here.  In the event you need to update or complete a new course, there is also a Register button to take you directly to all available courses in the NRL Learning Centre.
  • SETTINGS - Enables you to link and unlink profiles from your account.  The Change Password button will take you to to manage your password and communication preferences.

Your Member Profile icon explained

The image below outlines how your Profile icon displays once the Member is registered.  Some of these items will NOT be viewable when a Member is unregistered in the current season (outlined below).


  • ID number - the NRLID or TouchID for the Member.
  • Photo - once uploaded, an ID photo of the Member will display.  If not photo is uploaded, this area is blank.
  • Name - registered name of the Member.  This name must match provided official ID documents.
  • EDIT PROFILE - click this to open the Member's details for editing.

The following parts of the Profile icon are ONLY viewable in My Profile while the Member is registered in the current season:

  • Member Type - each different Member Type the participant is currently registered as will display here.  It may show more than one if they are registered in multiple roles (e.g. Coach and Trainer).
  • Sport Registered to - this identifies if the Member is registered to Rugby League or Touch Football.
  • Club Name & Logo will display for Clubs the Member is currently registered to.


Can I edit any details in My Profile?

Most details can be edited in My Profile, including updating your profile photo.

To edit details:

Step 1 - Select MY PROFILE from the menu on the top left of the screen.

Step 2 - Click the EDIT PROFILE button on the Member Profile you wish to edit.

Step 3 - You can now edit any information that is NOT greyed out.

Step 4 - Ensure to save your changes by clicking the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Fields that are greyed out cannot be edited and you will need to contact your Association to have these updated.  You will need to provide suitable ID to have your name and/or date of birth updated.


Where do I find the MENU button?

The Menu button can generally be found in the top left hand corner of screen while logged in to and looks like 3 horizontal lines:




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