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If your profile is showing 'Not Available' in the team list, it means that participants have not been assigned to the match and this will need to be referred to the club administrator.

If the profile is showing 'Name Withheld' in the team list, it means that during the registration process, you chose to mark your profile as  'Private'.  No problem, this is quite a simple change;

What the Parent/Participant will need to do:

To change your profile so that your name displays in the team list, you will need to login to edit your profile at

Step 1 - Login to

Step 2 - If the page doesn't load directly to view your linked profiles, click on the Menu button and select My Profiles.

Step 3 - Select EDIT PROFILE on the profile you wish to update, and this will open the profile for editing.

Step 4 - Scroll down to the question "Make Profile Private" and update the field as required:

  • YES = your name will display as NAME WITHHELD on public team sheets and relevant apps.
  • NO = your name will appear on Team Sheets and relevant apps showing match data

Step 5 - Contact your Club Administrator and let them know you have changed your privacy status.


What the Team Manager will need to do:

The Team Manager will need to log into MySideline Manager and follow this process:

Step 1 - Remove the player from the Team List for the upcoming match.

Step 2 - Submit the team list.

Step 3 - Re-assign the player into the Team List for the upcoming match.

Step 4 - Submit the team list again.

This will allow the the system to re-set.  Participant's name should now display in future matches within the next 30 mins on


NOTE: Matches prior to the change will remain as 'Not Available' publicly.  However, all matches played and statistics recorded will be attached to the player's profile.


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