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Permission Required: Account with a linked Member Profile


When Players or Team Staff are assigned to a match online, the Team Lists and Player Statistics (if entered) are available to view publicly through and the MyLeague app.

I am showing as 'NOT AVAILABLE' on

If your name is displaying as 'Not Available' in the Team List and Match Centre on, please check:

- Is your Profile set to PRIVATE?  Follow the steps in the FAQ below to update your Profile from Private to Public, OR

- Check with your Team Manager that you were assigned to the Match and the correct player was selected for the action (e.g. Try, Goal, etc.).  If Player was not assigned, the Team Manager will need to refer this to their Club Administrator.



I am showing as 'NAME WITHHELD' in the MyLeague app

Your name will display as 'Name Withheld' if you marked your Profile as 'Private' during registration.

To update your Profile so your name and match statistics can viewed on the public Match Centre, follow the steps in the FAQ below.


I am showing as 'NOT SPECIFIED' in the MyLeague app

'Not Specified' means a specific Player has not been assigned to the Try, Goal or Field Goal.  You will need to refer this to your Team Manager or Club Administrator.


How do I update my Profile so my name isn't 'Withheld' or 'Not Available'?

The Participant, or their Parent/Guardian, controls if their name displays on public team sheets and match results.

To change a Profile so the participant's name can display on team lists in the future:

Step 1 - Login to

Note: If the page doesn't load directly to view your linked Profiles, click on the Menu button and select My Profiles.

Step 2 - Select EDIT PROFILE on the profile you wish to update.


Step 3 - Scroll down to the question "Make Profile Private" and update the field as required:

  • YES = your name will display as NAME WITHHELD or NOT AVAILABLE on public team sheets and relevant apps.
  • NO = your name will appear on public Team Sheets and relevant apps showing match data.


Step 4 - Ensure to SAVE.

Step 5 - Contact your Team Manager or Club Administrator and let them know you have changed your privacy status.

Important: matches played and statistics recorded will be attached to the Member's profile, however matches played prior to this change will remain as 'Name Withheld' or 'Not Available' publicly.




My Profile - Everything You Need To Know

Adding and Removing Participants from Your Account


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