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Requests for access to MySideline should be directed to your Club or Association administrator.

User management is the area of MySideline where users can be added and removed. It is the last menu item in the Administration area.

Note: For someone to be given access, they must first have a verified account.  (see related  articles below)

How to Manage Access

Step 1 - Select User Management


Step 2 - Enter the email address of the user and click search.

Step 3 - Once the user has been found, select their profile to open.

Step 4 - Select the Add Permission button.

Step 5 - Select the level of access required for the user.

Step 6 - Once assigned, the database will be pinned to that person's User Management Profile. 

If access later needs to be removed, repeat steps 1 to 6 and select the red Remove button.


Can't find the email address?

Emails will only appear in User Management if they have been registered and verified through

If a participant has an email address on their profile in MySideline, it does not necessarily mean they have an account.

Once they have a verified account, you will then be able to add them in User Management.

There is no problem if the member is appearing under a different name (eg, child, partner) as there is only one account per email address. This can be amended by the member at in the settings.


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