Database Annual Clean Up /

Database Annual Clean Up


To maintain the integrity of our national database - MySideline, it is important to ensure that the numbers of participants and volunteers are correctly represented, rewarded and recognised.

Who is Responsible?

Club Administrators

  • Check that all players, team staff and volunteers are registered.
  • Action all clearances.

Association Administrators

  • Ensure all pending registrations are processed.
  • Review and merge all duplicate members.
  • Action all clearances.

When should this process be completed?

The NRL will notify all administrators annually by email to commence this process.

This process should be completed during the month of July each year to ensure our data is clean and ready for the annual statistics reporting.


Appropriate access to MySideline.

Related courses and articles in the Knowledge Base.

Effort for Implementation

This will depend on the size of your club/association and the amount of data you have.

TIP:  Set aside some time each day and try not to leave it until the last day of the month.  It may turn out to be a bigger job then you might have thought.

Helpful Hints

Use of the Knowledge Base, reports, courses and the links below such as:

Unassigned Members Report 

Registration Detail Report

National Clearance and Permits Policy

Pending Registrations

Duplicate Management course

Club Administrators course


  • Clean, reliable data for all levels of the game to access.
  • Accurate data forms a footprint of all our players and volunteers within the game.

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