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The Return to Play Policy is applicable for participants that are injured at training or games where a sports trainer is required to assess if the player can return to the field of play. This policy also extends to participants whom, due to specific injuries and illnesses, have missed at least one (1) competition game.

What is a Medical Clearance?

A Medical Clearance is a letter or form completed by the Player's doctor stating the person is medically fit to participate in Rugby League.

Read on below for answers on who needs a Medical Clearance and the Return to Play process for a Player.

Player and Parent honesty is vital in this process.

Do I need a Medical Clearance?

  • A Medical Clearance is generally required where a player has missed games and training for longer than one week (7 days) due to a medical circumstance/condition affecting their ability to play.
  • Some age restrictions apply.  If in doubt, check with your state policy if a Medical Clearance is required prior to participating.
  • Discuss with your team's sports trainer about requirements to return to play or train after an absence from injury or illness.

I had a concussion.  What now?

Concussion is an evolving condition and complications can occur if a player continues playing before they have fully recovered.  It is important to be honest and open when reporting your symptoms.

At the game:

  • Ensure to answer questions honestly from the sports trainer to complete an injury report, including the Head Injury Recognition and Referral Form.
  • You will need a copy of the Head Injury and Referral Form from your sports trainer to take to your doctor.
  • You will be unavailable for selection in upcoming games until medically cleared by your doctor to return.

After the game:

  • Visit your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Follow your doctor's direction to make a graduated return to train and play.
  • You will need your doctor to complete the NRL Community Head Injury/Concussion Medical Clearance and return to your team's Trainer before starting full contact training.

I would like some more information.  Where can I find it?


The NRL has a range of policies and guidelines to ensure the game is played in a safe and fun environment.  Explore the links below for more details:


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