Adding/Updating Working with Children (WWC) details in Member record /

Product/Service: MySideline Admin
Permission Required: Club Admin or higher

In Australia, people who work or volunteer with children are screened for suitability.  As part of this screening process, nominated state agencies examine an applicant’s police information including criminal charges, offences, findings of guilt and professional conduct reports across the applicant’s lifetime.

The below process outlines how to add Working With Children (WWC) details to a Member's record in MySideline Admin once they have been successfully screened.  Please contact the relevant authority in your State or Territory if you have any questions about the WWC process and requirements.

Click here for more Safety Information about how we're ensuring kids are active in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.


Step 1 - Login to MySideline Admin and access the My Members tab under Member Management.

Step 2 - Search using the available Filters and select the Member's record.

Step 3 - The page will open on the Member Details tab.  Scroll to the bottom of this tab and select Accreditations & WWC Information so it opens to reveals the WWC fields to complete.



Step 4 - Enter the Member's:

  • WWC Number - this number is found on the Member's WWC card and may be listed as the Registration Number, Notice Number, or Card Number.
  • WWC State Issuer - the state which issued the card.
  • WWC Status - options include Active, Pending, Expired, or Barred.
  • WWC Expiry - the card's expiry date.

Note: You must complete ALL WWC fields before continuing in order for it to save.

Step 5 - Once all WWC fields are completed, click SAVE.


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