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Product/Service: MySideline Admin
Permission Required: Most Competition Management requires Assoc. Admin or higher


See below for an overview and links to How To articles to assist with each of the MySideline Admin Competition Management features.

  • There are helpful "Show Me How" walk-throughs found in MySideline Admin which can take you through various processes step-by-step.  Also keep an eye out for the (?) icons for added helpful hints!
  • If you are new to MySideline Admin Competition Management, we recommend you start at the NRL Learning Centre where you can complete some simple courses such as The Complete Guide to Competitions, or smaller components such as Creating/Editing Competitions and Draws.


Squad Management

This option is available from Club level or higher, and can be utilised via both MySideline Admin and MySideline Manager.

Use Squad Management to assign Players and Team Staff (Non-Players) to their Squad (i.e. Team).  Once assigned and saved, Members will be available for selection in Team Lists.


HELP! If a Member isn't available for selection in a Squad, check the following common fixes:

  • Age Level (Player) - If Player is a different Age to the default, change the Age Level drop-down and search again
  • Pending Registration - If a Member is still pending approval, they cannot be added to a Squad.  Follow up registration approval and the Member should then appear for Squad allocation.
  • Member Type - (Non-Player / Team Staff) - Team Staff must be registered in the Member Type related to the Role they are being assigned as (see Roles below).  Check if they are registered in the correct Member Type/s for their Role/s.  If a Member is performing more than 1 Role, they will need to register in each relevant Member Type:
    • Coach - Coach, Assistant Coach
    • Volunteer - Manager
    • Trainer - LeagueSafe, League First Aid, Level 1 Trainer, Level 2 Trainer, Chief (CMO), Assistant (AMO)

MySideline Admin: Squad Management
MySideline Manager: Squad Management
MySideline Admin: Create/Edit a Team


Restrict Squad Management

Utilised by Associations to restrict access of Club level administrators to be able to edit Squad Members (including Players and Non Players).

Squads can be Restricted and Unrestricted as required throughout a season.


MySideline Admin: Restrict Squad Management



From the Competitions section, you can add and edit your Competitions, including fields that link to the Draw Builder.   You can edit most fields of your Competition here, including:

  • Competition basics - most of the fields completed when adding your Competition.
  •  Teams Allocation - add or remove allocated Teams.  If the season has already begun and Teams are changing grades, you may wish to use the Teams Regarding feature.
  • Ladders - update Ladder settings such as Points per Win/Loss/Draw, and Forfeits.
  • Display Options - set whether a Competition, or parts thereof, can be viewed Publicly on the PlayRugbyLeague Match Centre and MyLeague App, as well as being able to hide Rounds.
  • Player Points - set whether Player Points are applicable, and the maximum Points a Player can have to play in this Competition.
  • Appointments - share this competition with your local Referee Association so they can view the draw and assign Referees/Touch Judges registered to their entity.

There are various support options if you are adding your Competition in MySideline:


MySideline Admin: Create/Edit a Competition



Once your draw has been published from the Draw Builder, Matches will be available to view here after selecting the relevant Competition.

After selecting a Competition, further options become available:

  • Filters - locate Matches by filtering by Round, Date Range, and/or Venue.
  • + ADD MATCH - to add an individual Match to your Competition.
  • REDO DRAW - once your draw has been published from the Draw Builder, you can complete a redraw for the whole season or from a specific Round.
  • BULK EDIT - opens all Matches on the page to edit these fields: Round, Home Team, Away Team, Date & Time, Venue, Field No.
  • AUTOMATE FINAL FIXTURES - if a Finals Fixture Template has been selected, use this button each Round of Finals to fill the Teams per their ladder positions and Finals results.

To update the Match Status or Score, go to the Match Scores section.



MySideline Admin: Matches (coming soon!)


Match Grid BETA

The Match Grid function allows you to view where your matches are played and where clashes may exist.

You can filter by Venue and Competition, as well as vary the Time Slots displayed. 

To learn how to use this feature, click the Match Grid Beta - Try It Now> button on the Match Grid Beta page.



MySideline Admin: Match Grid BETA (coming soon!)


Match Scores

Use the Match Scores page to easily bulk edit the Scores and Match Status for your Competitions.  Filters  such as Date Range, Round Type, Round Number, Match Status, and Venue are available to narrow your search.



MySideline Admin: Match Scores (coming soon!)



Click into each of your Competitions to view its Ladder.   You can also adjust the Points and For/Against, if required for each Team.


HELP! My Ladder is incorrect!  If your Ladder is displaying incorrectly:

  • Is the correct Ladder Template and relevant settings selected in the Competition setup?
  • Are all of the Matches set to FINAL?
  • Is the Ladder correct in MySideline but incorrect in the Match Centre? Ladders can take up to 15 minutes to update publicly online. Check again soon for the updated Ladder.

The Update button can be used to refresh the Ladder with any recent changes you have made in related Matches or settings.  These changes should be reflected after 10-15 minutes at



MySideline Admin: Ladders (coming soon!)


Competition Cases

Tribunal, Disciplinary, or Injury incidents can be recorded here during the season the incident occurred.

There are separate tabs to view the Cases for each category, and the relevant incident Type can be selected when adding the Competition Case.  The fields will change depending on the Type selected.



MySideline Admin: Competition Cases (coming soon!)


Draw Builder

After you have created the competition and assigned teams, you can now create or upload the Draw here.

Draft draws that have been saved but NOT published will show below. Once a Draw has been published it can be managed from the Matches tab.

Once published, it may take up to 30 minutes for your Draw to be live on

If you want to work on your Draw after it is published, but you don't want it visible publicly, set your Display Options in Competition settings to "NO".

You can also set Exception Dates, which are specific dates that can be excluded when creating your Draw.


MySideline Admin: Draw Builder (coming soon!)

Competition Exception Dates



Team Regrading

For cases where a Team changes grades, you can utilise the Team Regrading feature to add or swap Teams within a Competition.



MySideline Admin: Team Regrading (coming soon!)




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