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Product/Service: Various: MySideline Manager
Permission Required: NRL Account with relevant access

The below information is intended for administrators assisting with the management of School Competitions on MySideline.  Click on the links to the following articles for details on how to use MySideline Manager for simple tasks such as assigning players to team lists, scoring matches, and injury reporting.

Accessing MySideline Manager: Nominated Team Managers will need to create an Account to access MySideline Manager and then be added as an Administrator.  Further details are found in the article.

Managing Team Lists: Before each match, a Team List needs to be submitted.  This article explains how to locate the match and subsequently add Players and Team Staff (Officials).  You can go straight to scoring a match after submitting a team list, or it can saved and edited later as required.

Managing a Match: Only one Team Manager needs to score a match.  Here you will learn how to find and start/finish a match, as well as add and edit (i.e. delete and correct) scoring actions.  You can also record interchanges and sinbins if you wish to use this function.

Injury Reporting: It is a requirement to record Injuries at games and training through the system. The Team Manager may enter these details under advice from the Sports Trainer, or your trainers could be provided User Access, similar to Team Managers. School staff will also still be required to follow the mandated Department of Education or school based injury reporting processes.


Additionally, for Players to be available for selection in a match, they will need to register then be assigned to the relevant Squad by a Competition Admin:

How to register: This article is specific for school registrations and outlines that members need to register via a provided link.  The School/School Regions will still be searchable via for registration, however if students will be expected to search the name of the school to register, please ensure students are aware of the exact name to search to avoid confusion.

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