How to Update Communication Preferences /

Product/Service: Account
Permission Required: Personal Email (username) and Password

Read on below to find out how to update your email communication preferences, so you can receive (or not!) the emails you want to.

How do I update my email preferences?

You can update the types of emails you wish to receive to your email address in the Preference Centre.

  1. Log in to view your Account
  2.  Select "Communication Preferences" from the left-hand menu and you will be directed to a new page.
  3. Select the circle/s beside the types of emails you wish to receive.  You can Subscribe to All, select or unselect individual items that interest you, or Unsubscribe All if you no longer want to receive these types of communications.
  4. Click the Submit Preferences button to save your selections

NOTE: This does not impact emails sent from the MySideline suite. 


Why am I still receiving NRL emails even though I unsubscribed?

If you unsubscribed from all Communications in the Preference Centre (above), you should no longer be receiving any emails related to the various listed options (e.g. "Tipping", or "Play Rugby League").

You may still receive emails if your email address:

  • is linked to an entity (e.g. Club or Association) in MySideline.   Those with Administrative access will receive emails such as:
    • "Daily Pending Registration Report" which gives you a summary of registrations and clearances from the past 24 hours for your Club
    • "Registration Clearance Request" or "Registration Permit Request" to advise of a Clearance/Permit which someone from within your entity will need to action.
    • Reports from MySideline will be emailed to the address you have logged in with.
    • NOTE - if you find these emails clog up your inbox, we recommend setting up "Rules" in your emails so the different Administrative emails can go to dedicated folders.  How to do this will vary depending on your email, so you may need to search online for further instructions.
  • is listed as the Primary or Parent/Guardian email in a Member's profile.  If you no longer wish to receive emails from your Club/Association:


HELP -  I'm not receiving the emails that I should be!

If you should be receiving emails from listed in the Communication Preference Centre, or the MySideline Suite (such as Reports), but you're not, please:

  • Add "" to your Safe Senders List
  • Add the Domain "" to your Safe Senders List
  • If you are using a work email, you may need to discuss with your IT department as they may have firewalls in place restricting the emails

If you have checked the above and are still not receiving the relevant emails, please contact our friendly Support Team.  Please specify the type of email/s you should be receiving and the affected email address.



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