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Product/Service: Registration via MyProfile
Permission Required: Account with linked Member Profile


When registering to a Rugby League or Touch Football activity, the participant will often need to make payment at time of registration.  This is generally set by your local Club or Association.  All transactions are managed by PIN Payments (our secure Payment Gateway Partner), with funds then transferred to the entity you registered to.


Registration Payments

Reference - your statement should reference "Registration MySideline" or "MySideline Registration" (depending on when payment was made) for any registrations to play Rugby League and Touch Football, HOWEVER, there are reported variations of this due to banks including location and payment partner details in the reference.  You may see a statement reference such as:

  • Registration MySi Moore Park AUS (Via Pin)

  • Pin* Registration MySi Moore Park AUS

  • Mysideline Regist Moore Park AUS (via Pin)

    • "Moore Park" is referenced as the location due to NRL and TFA Central being located at Moore Park in Sydney, NSW.
    • "Pin" refers to our Payment Gateway Provider "PIN Payments"


Bank Statement Reference example Pin Registration MySi Moore Park AUS



While registrations are processed via MySideline, monies are then transferred from PIN (our Payment Gateway partner) to the entity within a few days of you registering.  This means that most refund requests are processed by your local Club or Association.  Refund requests must go through an approval process, so please be patient as your case is considered.

To find out how to apply for a refund, select the relevant drop-down section below:

Rugby League

  • Club Registration
  • Programs
  • Masters Events



Touch Football

  • National Membership
  • Team/Club/Association Fees


  • National Membership - to request a refund of the $22 National Membership Fee, please complete a Support Request here, and ensure to include the following details for consideration by TFA:
    • Player First & Last Name
    • Player Date of Birth
    • Team & Association registered to
    • Date of Registration
    • Reason for refund request
  • Team/Club/Association Fees - you will need to contact your Association to apply for a refund, and can find their contact details in the Finder.


Education Courses

  • Courses
  • Vouchers


  • Courses - if you were unable to attend a course (e.g. Coach Workshop or Face-to-Face Sports Trainer Session):
    • you can apply to be transferred to a different course date if there is another session that has vacant places by completing a Support Request here.  Ensure to let us know:
      • Member's First & Last Name
      • Member's Date of Birth
      • Original Course Name, Location and Date
      • Date and Location of requested course to be transferred to
    • or you can apply for a refund here.
  • Vouchers - you can request a refund for unused Course Vouchers by completing this form.


Incorrect Charge


If you believe there was an error with your payment (e.g. charged or registered twice), please lodge a Support ticket and ensure to include the following details so we can help as quickly as possible:

  • Cardholder Name
  • Email address
  • Player First & Last Name
  • Club / Association registered to
  • Date of Registration
  • Description of the issue
  • Screenshot of the charge error (if possible)



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