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Product/Service: MySideline Admin
Permission Required: Account with Association Admin access

Referee Appointments is a new release for MySideline Admin, allowing Rugby League Associations the ability to share competitions with their local Referee Association so they can appoint registered Match Officials to Matches.

The feature is in beta form and we will be working with local Associations to trial the feature.  If your area would like to be part of the trial and provide feedback, please reach out to Support.

How does it work?

A Rugby League Association must first request to share a competition with the relevant Referee Association, which can then be approved or declined.  If approved, the Referee Association can then view the Competition and its Matches, and appoint registered Match Officials.  The Referee Association CANNOT edit any Competition details other than to assign Match Officials, and the Rugby League Association CANNOT edit Referee Appointments.

Part 1 - To be completed by the Rugby League Association

Step 1 - Log in to MySideline Admin and select the Competitions tab.

Step 2 - Select the Competition you wish to share and click the Appointments tab.

Step 3 - From the drop-down, search and select the relevant Referee Association.  Ensure you have selected the correct one.

Step 4 - Click the green REQUEST button, and your request will appear in the "Previously Requested" list.

- There MUST be a Venue assigned to a Match for Referees to be appointed.
- The Status will appear as Pending until it has been actioned by the Referee Association.



Part 2 - To be completed by the Referee Association

Note - this must be completed at Association level, NOT Club level.

Step 1 - Log in to MySideline Admin and open your Association Dashboard, and ensure that the "Show referee appointment requests" is selected.

Step 2 - You will be given the opportunity to either APPROVE or DECLINE the request.  Click the relevant word to action.

Note - you can change the status if accidentally selected, by simply selecting the other option.

Step 3 - The following can be completed from either Matches or Competitions (found in the left-hand menu):

Navigate to either:
- Matches - Select the Competition Name from the drop-down menu.
- Competitions - Select the Competition Name from the list, then select the Matches tab.

Step 4 - Filter the Matches to only show the Round, Date Range, or Venue you wish to see.

Note - We are working to enable appointing officials to more than one Competition at a time, but this is currently unavailable.

Filter Matches.PNG

Step 5 - Click BULK EDIT and the appointment fields will be become editable.

Step 6 - Select the registered Referees from the drop-downs to appoint them as: Referees, Touch Judges, Referee Coaches, and more (you may need to scroll across to see all the relevant fields).

Can't find someone?  Are they registered and approved this season, or do they need a permit?

Note - There MUST be a Venue assigned to a Match for Referees to be appointed.  If no Venue is listed, please reach out to the Rugby League Association to update this field.

Step 7 - Ensure to click SAVE EDITS to keep any changes.


Where can I find the these details once Referees are appointed?

You can find the Referee Appointments on the Matches Detail Report.


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